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Horse riding lessons with Dream Adventure

(1-2 classes recommended)
10$ p.p (max 8 people)​

Learn the basics of horse riding.

​To get on and off the horse without assistance.
Stear the horse in the direction you tell him to go.
Be comfortable around the horse​​

(2-3 classes recommended)
15$ p.p (max 4 people)​

Learn how to trot, canter and gallop.

Manage to comfortably trot, canter and
​gallop without assistans.
To get more knowledge about different riding teqnices​
and the horses natural behavior/reactions.

(2-4 classes recommended)
20$ p.p (max 2 people)​
This class is for those who have a lot of previos experiences
​with horses but wish to learn more about the mongolian
​horse and horsemanship.

​Get a deeper understanding for the natural behavior
​of the horses. Learn how to connect deeper with your horse.
- Learn how to do traditional Mongolian horsemanship tricks.
(picking up a long stick from the ground while galloping,
​catching a horse with a lasso while standing, catching
​a horse with a lasso while galloping, standing in the saddle)
These are a few of the horseman skills Mongolians highly value.

Learn from the best.
Puujee holds a 1 hour horse and riding lesson everyday from 11.30 am to 12.30 pm (times may change depending on the weather.
Get to know the Mongolian horse and how to ride like a Mongolian.
The class will be adapted to the groups previous experience.