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Horse Riding

We have many different options for horse riding here at our camp.
This is an overview with highlights, time, duration and cost.
When staying with us you have 1 horse-riding trip per day included in your stay.

1. Sunrise ride
5.15 am to 7-8 am (2-2,5 hours)
This is the ride to take if you are interested in wild life, if you are a photographer looking for that perfect light
​or if you are a morning person.
You leave the camp 45 minutes before sunrise and make your way to one of the peaks to enjoy the sunrise.
Must be booked the day before.
1-3 People 30$ per person.
4-8 People 20$ per person

2. After Breakfast ride
10 am to 12-1 pm (2-3 hours)
This ride is perfect if you want a smaller group and a personal guide,
we can custom build to your preferences.
There are many possibilities: go visit nomads, racehorse trainers, religious shaman sites, swimming in the Tuul river, climb peak.
You’ll be back in time for lunch.
1-3 People 20$ per person
4-8 People 15$ per person

3. After lunch ride
15 pm to 5-6 pm (2-3 hours)
This ride is included in your stay.
As soon as you finish lunch we gear up (helmets and champs) and get ready for the ride.
There will always be a safety briefing before every ride.
Normally this trek lasts from 2-3 hours depending on the weather, the riders and the horses.
You will not need your daypack. Your guide will bring bottled water and take your camera/jacket.

4. Sunset ride
8 pm to 10.15 pm (2 hours)
Sunsets are truly magical here.
Bring your camera and enjoy the spectacular landscape in the most amazing colors.
Perfect as a romantic tour.
Your leave 1,5 hours before the sun sets so you can capture all the different lights and moods.
This ride is also nice if you prefer a bit cooler temperatures.
1-3 People 30$ per person
4-8 People 20$ per person

5. Full day horse riding trek
10 am-18 pm (8 hours)
Want to spend as much time on the horse as possible?
This ride allows you to explore more remote sites in the park.
We will custom build this trek for you.
There are many options:
Go see the rock formations in Terelj such as Turtle rock and the reading man.
Go visit the Aryaval Monastery and meditation center
Ride along Tuul river, BBQ by the river and visit nomadic families
Ride to the Ghenigs Khaan Statue
Included in the trek: Lunch, snacks, water, entrance fee, horse, tack, English speaking guide.
Not included: car transportation back to camp (if needed 10-15$ per person)
50$ per person, minimum 2 people.



If for some reason (such as weather or similar) you can’t join the free ride after lunch we will organize so you may join a different one.
It’s not possible to switch the free tour with another tour.

For your own safety:
Helmets must be worn at all times when horse riding.
No consumption of alcohol before and during the ride.
Stay close to your guide at all times
Try to stay together as one group

Horse riding can be a potential dangerous sport.
We do our best to keep you safe.
You do this at your own risk, Dream Adventure Mongolia and our staff can not be held responsible for any accidents that might happened before-during and after horse riding.