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“When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes. ”
-William Shakespeare-

Most people find it easier to ride a Mongolian horse than what they might be used to back home.
This is because the Mongolian horse responds very quickly and you are much more alert on a new unfamiliar horse.

Although that way you ride a horse is similar around the world, riding a Mongolian one is a bit different and MUCH more fun!


Learning how to ride like a true Mongolian will take time. But Puujee is one of the best horse-men in the area and he'll be there to teach, help and support you while riding with us. 
If you have never been on a horse, don't worry it's never to late to learn!

Mongolians usually ride with one hand (western style)
They steer the horse with their hole body, shifting the weight and using their thighs to maneuver the horse as well as steering with the reins. And they make it look so easy.
But with a bit of practice you can do it too!

CHUU! is go, and this has to be in a low voice and firm.
Gently puch your heels against the horse to signal him to go.  
But more importantly is HOOOCH! The signal for stopping or slowing down , say this while gently polling the rains towards you. 
If for some reason your horse does not respond, he might be spooked or scared for some reason. Steer the horse uphill and continue to say Hoooch in a calming voice (in the same tone you might calm a child) and pull the reins back.
The horse will get tired and eventually stop, also it's a lot easier holding on when going up hills.


If you feel the horse is a bit more eager to go then you, try the mongolian way of calming it down. Sing to the horse.
In Mongolian, English, German, French, Japanese, it doesn't matter.
Mongolian horses loves a good song.
Maybe try learning a Mongolian horse song?

The best way to learn how to ride like a Mongolian is to come train with us!
You'll have your own personal horse during your hole stay.
And you can get private lessons from Puujee.
If you ask him he might give you a horseman show, he loves showing off his skills=)

But the single most important thing to remember, HAVE FUN!!
DO and DON'T

1. DO mount and approach the horse on the horses left side.
This is common all over the world but very important whit the Mongolian horse as they get easily startled/spooked it you approached than from the right.

2. DON'T walk or stand behind the horse, because given the opportunity they might kick. Also watch the mouth as they might bite.

3. DO hold the reins tightly when mounting the horse.
Holding the reins back will keep the horse still and calm.

4. DON'T confuse these 2 words:
Horses responds to stop and go, which in Mongolian is:
Chuu!!! for go and Hooooch for Stop.
Lowering you voice and being firm will help you control the horse as he sees you as the person in charge=)

5. DO be careful with cameras, jackets, scarfs or anything else that might spook the horse.
Never put on or take off your jacket while on the horse!

In riding a horse, we borrow freedom
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How to ride a mongolian horse