Dream Adventure

Prices include

- Free pick up/drop off from Gorkhi-Terelj National Park 
- 3 meals per night stay plus snacks and coffee/tea
(we also cook special dietary food)
- Accommodation
- Horse riding (1 per day after lunch)
- English speaking guide
- An unforgettable experience

75 $ Per night per person

Want to come and spend the day with us?
Day trips a available for any size groups.
-Delicious mongolian lunch
- Snacks, tea/coffee and water
- Horse riding, (2 hour long trip)
- An english speaking guide​​​​ ​​​

55 $ Day trip per person

Children under from 2 and under: FREE​
Children under the age of 6 that don't need their own bed gets a 50% discount.​
Mongolians, expats and volunteers working and living in Mongolia receive a 10 % discount.

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                    Week offer
​     Stay 7 days and only pay for 6!
            Get 1 night for FREE​
​​​            Only 450 $ per person.
10 $ p.p each way for pick up /drop off in Ulaanbaatar
20 $ p.p each way for pick up/ for drop off at International Airport