Dream Adventure

Guest ger

Each ger has 4 big beds and can accommodate 4-8 people.
The beds are hand made and hand-painted tangerine orange and sky blue, with goose duvets and linen complete with a towel and traditional Mongolian slippers for all our guest.
There is also a sink  for you to use.
A fire place, were we on cold days make a cozy fire for you.​​

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Dream Adventure is an low impact and Eco-friendly ger camp
Shower and toilet

​​Our outhouse (Toilet) and shower are in two seperat buildings. They are simple but beautifully constructed. 
The Toilet is made with solid timber with a sink, towel and biodegradable soap, filled with fresh wild flowers in the summer.
​Our shower is in the same style.
Just let us know an hour before you want to shower, and we'll have hot water ready for you!
There's nothing like an outdoor shower!​

Our camp does not have wired electricity or generators and we never will! But we have a solar panel, and we are more than happy to charge your camera, phone, computer, ipads and ect.

We do all we can to make sure your stay with us will be your dream adventure!

We are the only ger camp, that we know of that has this. A GER SAUNA!
What can be better after a long ride to soften up those muscles!​
Conveniently located only 40 km from the capital Ulaanbaatar in a protected area, Gachuurt Reserve Park.
Within these well-watered valleys and wolf-ridden mountains camp Dream adventure lies....

​​Dining ger

This is where we meet to share meals, drinks and good stories!
On rainy days we play traditional mongolian games here.
There is a small book-exchange library for you to use, as well as decks of cards, chess and other boardgames​.

Ger Sauna