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             Food at Dream Adventure Camp

We serve traditional Mongolian cuisine with a healthy twist.
3 meals a day plus tasty home made Mongolian snacks.​

Special Mongolian foods such as

- Khorkhog

Mutton and vegetables cooked with hot river stones in a traditional Mongolian pot.

Sheep: 25$ per person

Goat: 20$ per person​​

Miniumum 4 people​​

Goat or sheep cooked hole with hot river rocks inside.

One sheep (8-14 people) ​275$

One Goat (6-8 people) 225$

At our camp we have chickens so we get fresh eggs everyday.
And our yaks give us fresh milk every morning.
We also make mongolian snacks

- Yoghurt
- Urum
- Aaruul
- Bayaslag,


Example on a day menu:


Home made bread with fresh made rhubarb jam,Urum, Boiled eggs.
Home made yoghurt
Coffee and tea.


Mongolian Tsuivan, Mongolian noodles with mutton and vegetables.
Fresh green salad


Bainsh soup served with warm manto.
A dumpling soup with traditional steamed bread.

The menu may vary depending on season.
On request we also cook:
When you book your stay with us please let us know if you have allergies or intolerance to any food. We are happy too cook special dietary food for you.
We also cook vegan and vegetarian food. 
​​We also do cooking classes read more here