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The Mongolian horse

​​“We Mongols respect horse as our companion of night and day. The horse is the source of joy and pride of a Mongolian herder. And we are nothing without our horses.”

​​Nowhere are horses more central to daily life than in Mongolia. Mongolia is known as the land of the horse, and Mongols have a reputation for being the best horsemen on Earth. “It is not possible to imagine Mongolian history without horses,”

Even in the twenty-first century, Mongolia remains a horse-based culture and retains its pastoral traditions. Its 2.4 million people are semi-nomadic and support themselves primarily by breeding five domestic species. These are invariably spoken of in a set order: horses, cattle (including yaks), camels, sheep, and goats. The horse, which is used for travel, herding, hunting, and sport, is the most prized. 

Beyond Ulaanbataar, the horse is still the main means of transportation. Mongolian children learn to ride when they are as young as three years old. Horse racing is a favorite sport, and young children are often the jockeys, as the Mongolians believe the race tests the horse's ability, not the rider's. Mongols have a large vocabulary of horse-related terms, and believe that one rides to heaven on a horse.

​​Our horses

We have 40 horses divided in to two herds.
About half of them are riding horses, the rest are mares, foals and our stallion.​ ​
All our horses are hand picked and trained by Puujee.
We have horses for all levels of experience.

in July and August we milk our mares to make airag. ​

We make sure all our horses gets the training and follow up needed to make a perfect riding horse.

If you like the wild and fast horses or the calm cozy one, we have